ProTracker Tennis – Version History summary



iPhone/iPad version  

    version 7.3.2                February 2024                   

    • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes


    version 7.3.1                December 2023                   

    • Forehand and Backhand Returns of Serve can be tracked and filtered

    • Player positions for Rally Shots are automatically deduced to enable easier input and better analysis of rally shots


    version 7.2.2                July 2023                   

    • Video Connect capability

    version 6.2                  December 2021                   

    • Ability to track Rally lengths without Rally Shots

    • 'Out' and 'Netted' Rally Shots

    • Shot type 'Drive' renamed 'Topspin'

    • Next-Gen match format (5 Sets to 4 games tiebreak at 3-3)

    • Settings profiles   


    version 6.1                  October 2021                   

    • Tie-break score shown

    • Ability to amend tournament and other match details

    • Minor user interface improvements


    version 6.0                  September 2021                   

    • Rally Shot tracking (includes changes to the way rally length is input)

    • Changes to Settings Tracking options

    • Undo Point facility (in addition to standard Undo)

    • Minor user interface improvements


    version 5.3                  July 2021                         

    • Wimbledon 5th Set format (Tiebreak at 12-12)

    • Minor user interface improvements


    version 5.2                  July 2020                   

    • Suspend and Resume matches

    • Matches with No-Let on serves

    • Settings to suppress unwanted prompts


    version 5.1                  November 2019                   

    • iOS13 support

    • Import and Export matches

    • Many improvements    


    version 5.0                  February 2016                               

    • Match Plans and Match Summary text

    • Player Profiles

    • Many minor improvements


    version 4.1                  January 2016 

    • many minor improvements  

    • sharper appearance on iPhone 6 and 6+

    • more accurate shot positioning

    • Landscape Momentum Chart with Point detail on iPhone 6 / 6+


    version 4.0                  April 2014

    • User Interface makeover

    • Replay - includes Add and Edit Comments and Edit Rally Shot Count - available mid match to resolve score disputes

    • Italiano and Português


    version 3.6                  November 2013

    • French and Spanish language (in addition to English)

    • One-Ad scoring, which is now used in some ITA matches

    • Improved positioning of Comments on Momentum Chart

    • Bug fixes relating to iOS7


    version 3.5                  July 2013

    • Bug fixes, including: File write error, Match date sorting, Stats rounding.


    version 3.4                  May 2013

    • New match formats, including No-Tiebreak Sets and Timed matches

    • On Scatter diagrams the ability to filter shots by who won the point

    • New shot outcome "Forcing Volley Error", which counts as a failed net-approach in stats  


    version 3.3                  January 2013

    • iPhone 5 full screen support

    • Sort and Filter matches

    • Match duration fix  


    version 3.2                  August 2012

    • User Interface modernisation and improvements

 • Retina display images

 • Court inner and surround colors

 • Default setting changed for single tap shot input

 • Rapid Serve and Return input

 • Ability to rename shot type 'Other'

 • Larger shot menus, by removal of the Cancel option

 • % Returns in Play stat corrected for Aces and Serve Winners

 • Beginners tutorial


    version 3.1                  October 2011

    • iOS 5 compatibility
    • 5-Set matches


    version 3.0                  October 2011

    • iPad designed screens
    • Track and Analyze Rally Lengths
    • New stat for •% Returns in Play•
    • New stat for •Aggressive Margin•
    • Use of swipe for match analysis
    • Improved images, icons and graphics
    • Plus many minor improvements


    version 2.1                  February 2011

    • Match file loading and transfer from E-mail and iTunes Sync


    version 2.0                  October 2010

    • Match Credit version 


    version 1.5                  August 2010

    • Doubles

    • animations for menus and forms


    version 1.4                  July 2010

    • iOS4 compatibility

    • ability to amend player names

    • ability to amend Last Set Format midmatch


    version 1.3                  June 2010

    • Addition of Momentum Chart 


    version 1.2                  March 2010

    • Addition of Scatter Diagrams 


    version 1.1                  February 2010

    • Addition of Stats


    version 1.0                  January 2010

    • The first release on iPhone and iPod touch – match input plus e-mail to PC for analysis

    • Full and LITE (trial) version


Windows Mobile and PC versions

    version 4.3.5140.43138              30th Jan 2014

warnning if PC not at 96 DPI

• handle iOS new match formats - allows for TieBreak at 5-5 for example, but not updated to full iOS flexibility

• handle iOS new shot outcome "Forcing Volley Error"


    version 4.3.4555.39958            22nd June 2012
    • Fix to problem with printing on 64-bit machines

    • Stats fixed for Missed point after Out First Serve
    • Lines to comments on Match chart
    • Comments shown on correct point with Replay facility
    • Norway locale bug fixed 

    • Minor French language improvements

    version 4.3.3676.39111 PC          25th January 2010

    version 4.3.3681.38653 Mobile      29th January 2010

    • Video Export capability for Dartfish video analysis (PC Only)

    • Time stamps on Shot Serve records – used for Video Analysis

    • Point number shown on Replay (PC Only)                   

    • Aggressive Margin stats (PC Only)                                 

    Color integration with iPhone version     

    • Improved error handling if invalid match file folder

    • Bug fix for Dates that use . as date separator


    version 4.2.3298.19235 PC        12th Jan 2009

    version 4.2.3298.19340 Mobile    12th Jan 2009 

    • French language

    • Spanish language

    • Italian language        

    • Bug fixed: Last Set format not being used correctly


    version 4.1.3191.36330 PC         26th Sep 2008

    version 4.1.3191.36806 Mobile    26th Sep 2008

      • Bug fix with Decimal Separator and Dates for european locales

    • Minor font changes on landscape mode and Status label positionning

    • Bug fix for racket position on Replay and Serve Return on PC full screen

    • PPC Vista Install bug fixed

    • Bug fixed Errors stats not displayed correctly if two digits


    version 4.1.3066.25481 PC        24th May 2008

    version 4.1.3073.35548 Mobile    24th May 2008 

    • Major changes

    • -------------

    • Court scaled for square-screen and new device formats

    • Ability to zoom the window size, including Full-screen, on the PC version

    • Player Profiles - save information on players to record what areas to work on, playing styles or weaknesses to exploit. Define your own template

    • Match Text Summaries - record the main points about a match, for example what went well, what could be done better.  Define your own template

    • TV-style Commentaries are displayed for shot stats and key points; and game summaries after each game - provide a commentary to other spectators

    • Custom stats let you count any aspect of the game - for example Serve-and-Volley success rate

    • Easily handle points and games that you miss - for those times you•re sent to fill that drinks bottle

    • Tracking is made easier with single tap shot outcomes and •Tap-and-Hold• to record exceptions

    • Numerical shot counts and %•ages displayed on scatter diagrams

    • Facility to correct player names

    • Setting Profiles and full control over how much information to capture - start simple and build up with experience

    • Serve Returns and Set time shown on Match Graph

    • Minor changes

    • -------------

    • Sync Folder and Browse button on Match file folder setting

    • Tabs on Settings form

    • Tie Break at 3-3 in first-to-4 set etc.

    • Return of Serve Tracking for just one player

    • Show Settings for each match option

    • Initial score setting hidden by defualt, now on Option menu

    • Bold text on Court forms

    • Improved landscape support and court-view transition

    • Landscape position of label for serve shown at correct end; also Foot fault Cancel re-shows label

    • Set Game to Tie-Break option on Score form; allows both 7 and 10 point tie breaks

    scroll bars not shown if Landscape on PocketPC

    • Settings callable from Graphical form - other setting options removed

    • Fit scale option for Match Flow Graph - used in default Report page

    • Blobs used for Volleys on Momentum Chart, Scatter Diagrams and Replay

    • Black and White view maintained after change of ends

    • Compare matches - PC version only uses multi-file open

    • Stats form separate or merge: Serve Winners, Forcing Error Winners and Pressing Errors

    • Momentum Chart set ball size small if the scale is too small - used for Reports Fit option

    • Replay Tap form for next point

    • Better report page transistion

    amended defualt report page layouts, plus new layouts for match summary and player profiles

    • Page Layout Title auto-text in Reports

    • Next and Previous report page buttons

    • Save Layout prompt only show if layout changed

    • Report page layouts locaked by default



    version 3.4.2700.36612 PC      25th May 2007

    version 3.4.2701.14672 PPC     25th May 2007 

    • bug fix break points after deuce not counted


    version 3.4.2620. PPC           5th Mar 2007

    direct install via cab file


    version 3.4.2486. PPC          22nd Oct 2006

    version 3.4.2587. PC            1st Feb 2007

    date always shown as 01/01/2003 bug fixed on PPC

    • break points count wrong if Missed Return before point

    corrupt match file with linefeed char in Other Info

    Transparant white colour not correct for Windows Mobile 5

    bug fix to Report printing if Courts or Chart not visible

    • bug fix reports with Page Layout with a comma


    version 3.4.2248. PC           14th Feb 2006 

    version 3.4.2236. PPC          14th Feb 2006 

    • 10 digit licence keys

    support for non-european language locales


    version 3.4.2014. PC             7th Jul 2005 

    version 3.4.2015. PPC            8th Jul 2005 

    the ability to track serve returns

    landscape view to make it easier to chart a match from the side of the court (PC version and Windows Mobile 2003 SE)

    • Black and White view for use in bright sunlight

    shots on scatter diagrams can be filtered by game score 

    serve and key shots can be overlaid on the Match Flow Graph

    match re-play facility - individual points can be accessed directly from the Match Flow Graph

    match reports (PC version only) - reports can be tailored to show chosen features of matches

    • default report layouts 


    version 3.3.1638. PC             26 Jun 2004 

    version 3.3.1638. PPC            26 Jun 2004

    • doubles

    in-place shot-type menu

    • line colour setting

    • Player name textbox width 

    • Include option on Stats


    version 3.2.1471. PC              9 Jan 2004 

    version 3.2.1471. PPC             9 Jan 2004

    • PC version based on PocketPC version

    • Shot counts

    • Put-Away shot outcome type   

    splash screen

    • reformatting of score form


    version 3.1.1331. PPC             26 Aug 2003     

    PocketPC version

    • Graphical shot input

    • All shot scatter diagrams


    version 2                         20 Nov 2002     

    • PC version

    • Graphical Serve placement diagram

    • Match flow chart


    version 1                          5 Apr 2002     

    • PC version

    • Button clicks for shot input

    • Stats