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Tennis coaches find it exceedingly useful to track and analyse their player’s competitive matches - valuable information can be gained to improve a player’s performance.

Following a match, the perceptions a player has of how it went will often differ from how the coach saw it.  After having played a match the player will ask why and how did I win/lose? Instead of saying “I don’t know” or simply guessing, this fantastic software allows players to answer the questions of how and why they won or lost.  By demonstrating to the player the real facts of the match such as would be seen on TV analysis, valuable lessons are learnt.  Weaknesses can be acknowledged and ironed out, and strengths can be identified to exploit further.

Coaches have traditionally used pen and paper for this task. But now, inexpensive handheld devices, which are both unobtrusive and easily used outdoors or indoors, are ideal for this task and ProTracker Tennis is the perfect software to use. It runs on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Windows PCs/Tablets.

Parents of aspiring juniors can record their children’s matches and forward a ‘match file’ or report to the coach, for him or her to review on a PC and compare with other matches.  Something useful to do and a way of relieving stress!

Umpires can use ProTracker Tennis for scoring.  A single ‘Tap’ is needed for each point.


  Features  iPhone
iPod Touch (v5.1)
  Track Serves, Returns and Key Shots
  Easy to learn and use - the rules of tennis are followed automatically
  Singles - information is tracked for both players
  Doubles - information is tracked for all four players
(put '&' or '+' between player names for doubles)
  Automatic scoring - Tie-Break Sets, Long/Short Sets, Player End-changes, Serve court etc. 
  Maximum information from minimal input - details of the location and type of shot, and the ball bounce position and shot outcome can be recorded with just 4 touches - Serves and Returns with just 1 touch
  Context sensitive options - for quick input 
  Handles all exceptions - early match end, foot-faults, players not changing ends correctly etc. 
  Comments can be added - either pre-defined or typed-in at the point they occur in the match 
  Track Rally lengths   
  Option to track score only for basic stats and match flow 
  Allows for missed serves, returns, points or games - for those times you're distracted or sent to fill that drinks bottle
  Unlimited Undo facility to rectify mistakes and Lets (players re-playing a point) 
  Move matches from your Hand Held Device to a PC, for further analysis and storage and E-mail matches to other users - for example from parent to coach
  Attractive interface, matching court colors
  Best of 5 Set matches as well as 3 and 1 Sets
  Allows you to start tracking mid-match  
  Black and White option for high visibility 
  TV-style Commentaries are displayed for shot stats and key points, and game summaries after each game - provide a commentary to other spectators   
  Facility to correct misspelled player names
  Court scaled for tablets and new devices formats
  Setting options for control over information capture and input styles
  Summary Stats 
  TV-style detailed Stats
  Custom stats let you count any aspect of the game - for example tactic success rate  
  Aggressive Margin Stats 
  Rally Length Stats   
  Scatter Diagrams for Serves, Returns and Key Shots - instead of hundreds of difficult statistics, shots are shown graphically so improvement areas and strengths are easily identified 
  Filter shots on Scatter Diagrams by Type, Set, Game-score or Player
  Shot counts and %'ages displayed on scatter diagrams
  Momentum chart - to identify turning points in matches and easily see how points are being won or lost - chart includes Serves, Returns and Key-shot outcomes 
  Serves, Return and Key Shots Overlay on Momentum Chart
  Rally length Overlay on Momentum Chart  
  Replay point by point
  Match Plans - record the main objectives and match tactics etc.    
  Match Summaries - record the main points about a match: what went well what could be done better etc   
  Analyze mid-match or Immediately post-match
  Player Profiles - save information on players to record what areas to work on, playing styles or weaknesses to exploit
  Printable match reports with customizable layouts - iPhone/iPad users can print match reports by transferring the match to a PC  
  Compare matches or open multiple windows on the same match  
  Video tagging output for integration with Dartfish video analysis - for example view all the double faults in a match, or all the serves when break point down  
  French Spanish, Italian, Portuguese


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