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ProTracker Tennis is available in various versions and packages.

For iOS devices we offer two versions - an Outright Purchase version and a Subscription or Match Credit version.  Purchases can be made through the Apple App Store - please seach for 'ProTracker Tennis'. 

Purchase ProTracker Tennis for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (outright purchase)
 $89.99 (US) or 89.99 or 89.99

Note: one purchase allows you to install the app on your iPhone and your iPad.

Purchase ProTracker Tennis for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (Subscription or Match Credit)
 Monthly Subscription = $2.99 (US) or 2.99 or 2.99 per month
 Yearly Subscription = $29.90 (US) or 29.90 or 29.90 per year

 1 match credit = $0.99 (US) or 0.99 or 0.99
 5 match credits = $4.49 (US) or 4.49 or 4.49
 10 match credits = $8.19 (US) or 8.19 or 8.19
 20 match credits = $14.99 (US) or 14.99 or 14.99

For the Windows PC version we operate a 'Try-Before-Buy' policy, so that you know exactly what you are getting. Please downloaded the software and satisfy yourself that the application installs and runs OK before placing your order. Then, if you are happy with it, please follow the instructions below to purchase the software.

ProTracker Tennis for PC
 $39.99 (US) or 39.99 or 39.99

To Purchase ProTracker Tennis for PC please e-mail us at with the name you would like to use to activate the software. Following payment by PayPal we will e-mail you back with your activation license key and instructions to convert the trial software to the full version; please keep the e-mail in a safe place in case you need to re-install the software). 

E-mail based support and advice on using the software is included in the order price.



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