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Tips, Questions and Answers
Q: I'm having trouble keeping up with the match, are there any tips to help?
A: Turn off Return-of-Serve tracking, this facility makes it much harder to track a match - you could turn it on again, when you have more experience. Make full use of the default shot outcome options - to record an 'In' serve just tap once where the ball lands and look back at the play, the 'In' option will be tapped in for you after a short pause. You can adjust the delay if you want. Some users prefer not to tap-in the 'In' serves as they are played, but instead remember where the ball bounces and tap in the serve and key shot at the end of the point.
Q: While tracking what should I do if I miss a point or game but I don't know who won it?
A: Select Missed Point/Game to ? - even though the score will be wrong the players positions should be correct; when its obvious who won the point or game you missed, then use the Missed Point/Game again to assign it correctly.
Q: Why does ProTracker Tennis distinguish between Passing shots and Winners (and Out or Netted Passing Shots)?
A: This is so it can produce figures for successful and unsuccessful Net-Approaches.
Q: How do I use ProTracker Tennis for a doubles match?
A: Simply include a '+' or '&' symbol between the names of the player's in each pair. ProTracker Tennis will then know its a doubles match and make prompts accordingly.
Q: How do I move match files between the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and my PC?
A: Set up a mail account on your iPhone, iPap or iPod touch and then you just need to press the E-mail Match button on your device when the match is completed.
A: To transfer matches with iTunes, sync your device and select DEVICE > your device name > Apps > scroll down to File Sharing area > ProTracker Tennis.You will see all the matches on your iPad/iPhone/iPodTouch listed, drag the matches you want to a folder on you Mac/PC.
Q: the app has frozen, how can I restart it from scratch?

A: To free the app on the iPad/iPhone/iPodTouch , go to the home screen and double-press the main front button - this shows you the running apps on your device (at the bottom of the screen) - then press and hold the ProTracker icon until a small red icon appears on it - tap this then tap the home screen and you're done. The app will load from scratch when re-started.

Q: Are there any hidden "Cheats" in ProTracker Tennis?
A: Yes, you can play a match automatically. Tap the Tennis Racket on the Score screen and then tap on the point score (or the position where the point score is displayed) - tap on the Racket again to stop the match playing automatically. Kids love this feature - they can pit themselves against the top players and see who wins.
Q: Is it possible to produce match reports on a MAC?
A: There are no built-in features for this, but the document here describes a technique for producing reports.

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